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  • Quickly capture

    By the bar code scanner, the inventory is captured quickly and applied in a list - this is not only simple, but also saves time!

  • Internet

    No internet connection in the store? No problem! There is no necessary connection, capture offline and send the collected data as a PDF or CSV simply by mail.

  • Countlists

    Apply so many lists as you need. These can be sent after completion of the inventory via e-mail, or print via AirPrint.

  • Barcode Scan

    Scan items using the integrated camera and barcode function! No incorrect entries of item numbers, no more tedious typing.

  • Allocation

    Using one iPhone by several employees. Employees can manage the count lists by allocate the lists to their employees.

  • Sorting/status

    You can sort their lists by product number, location, name or (product-) group and allocate each list a status (open / count / finished).

  • Digital data exchange

    Create count lists on the device or send a CSV file to the device, edit the lists and send them as CSV for further processing back to the device.

  • Test for free!

    Try Inventory free in full scope! Limitation in the number of captured products and lists.

  • "Mark list with the favorite star to have them in the first tab automatically"

    Detlef Schier, SNC GmbH

  • "Define the decimal separator in the app settings as . or ,!"

    Detlef Schier, SNC GmbH

  • "Data exchange example files - sending a count list or stock list to the device and back:
    How do you get meaningful test files?
    Capture a few articles and send this list as CSV. You receive an email message with .iCSV and .lCSV files, these are CSV text files. We use this file suffix to allocate this file on the iOS device in our App and to show the "open in ..."-dialog with our app icon in the mail attachment. Use the same format and file suffix (.iCSV + .lCSV) to send data to the device via email. iCSV = items in CSV format, so articles, lCSV = lists in CSV format, for example, annual inventory, 12/2012, or small parts, ... "

    Detlef Schier, SNC GmbH

  • "What are .invCSV files? These are ZIP files and contains 2 text files: lists and items (article). "

    Detlef Schier, SNC GmbH

  • "How to buy the app or put purchases back? Tab: Store. In this integrated store, you can upgrade to the full version. Use the "Buy" button. If you have already purchased the app with your Apple account, you can use the button "restore purchases" at any time to check and restore your purchase. When this is necessary: If you have deleted the app and re-installed when you set up your device if you have multiple devices with the same Apple AppStore account, or if you have purchased a new device."

    Detlef Schier, SNC GmbH

  • "Fast capture by barcode: Use the barcode button to jump directly to the entry of quantities."

    Detlef Schier, SNC GmbH

(This tab and panel will be removed on download to make editing your template even easier!